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One Time Fee

Free $300 credit + Free 60 minutes/month from Google Cloud

  • Fast (Direct API calls to Google AI)
  • Unlimited video transcriptions.
  • Pay as you go with Google (Free 60 minutes/month)
  • Software compatible with Windows & Mac.
  • Create captions and subtitles automatically.
  • Convert in 270+ voice-over styles.
  • Convert Audio into multiple languages.
  • Transcribe videos up-to 20 minutes.
  • Integrated with Google WaveNet voices.
  • Original video sound volume controlling.
  • Support multiple voice-overs.
  • Fast Video Rendering.
  • Based on Google Cloud A.I
  • Detailed Step-by-Step Training.
  • Easy to use and newbie friendly.


* You must sign up with Google Cloud and get $300 FREE credit(link in our member area).
** Google Cloud requires a debit/creditcard to activate your $300 FREE credit. You won't be charged until your spend the free credit, and remember that you will have 60 minutes for FREE each month.


I have a mac Catalina 10.15, i asked my good friend Ezzaky for a review copy. First and foremost, the app is well optimized for mac, it's fast smooth and working effeciently on mac.It will definitely help you generate new/translated content to be used in different markets. i.e if a video is trending in spanich landscape, with few push of buttons you can have your own video translated in french or english. thanks to Google AI translation algortihms having unlimited accents and language.

this is a full grade software. nothing to reproach!

Mustapha Ajermou

I bought a lot of apps in the market that had in the title, revolutionary, game changer... Unfortunately most of them were none of those. Revoicely is really a revolutionary application, game changer, one of apps that must have. Is very easy to use, but doet so complex work. Another big plus for me is that it's a desktop application, I don't have to think how long some cloud app will work. So the only remorse you will have is if you don't buy this app.

Ivica Ivo Petrović

With Revoicely, You can INSTANTLY generate Automatic Captions,Sub-Titles & Audio Translations and Voiceovers using it’s ever adapting Artificial Intelligence!!



Revoicely automatically extracts the audio from yourvideos, transcribes them into auto-captions and automatically places the correct caption at the correct time in the video.



Translate the text in your video into audio in differentlanguages using our innovative AI software.



You can select between original and translated text played in time with the video. It creates auto synced subtitles from the text in the video.



Select the accent, dialect and style from 270+ UN Style Voices available in the software



Retains the Voice Effects and voice animation of the original Video with the ability to control the volume of the orginal video.

...for as many videos as you want for a tiny investment.
Incredible isn’t it!
Attract, Engage, And Convert Visitors to Buyers!

From the Desk of :-

Radu Hahaianu

Ezzaky Ab

Ali El Majdaoui

You may already know the importance of video to your business.

Statistics show that video will account for 82% of all global consumer internet traffic by 2020.

By now, we are very much sure that you’ve already incorporated video into your marketing strategy. You can pat yourself on the back. But how will your video marketing target an international audience?

If you are not utilizing video translation, you’re missing out on a huge potential market.

Why Accessibility Matters

How many people have seen your videos and left without complaining because of its inaccessibility?

  • There are 466 million people around the world who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
  • Up to 71% of people with disabilities leave a page immediately if it is not accessible.
  • Only around 380 million people speak English as their first language.
  • 60% of YouTube views are from non-native English speakers.

Invest in video captions to reach that sizeable audience. Captions are essential to ensuring that your videos are accessible to the wider public.

Some reasons why Video Translation and Voiceover Services are gaining traction..

Fact Check #1

73% of people who watch videos DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!

Just take a look at this data. Top two widely spoken languages are Chinese and Spanish…NOT English!

This means your videos on YouTube are only able to drive 27% of the traffic, views, leads and sales by focusing only on English Language.

Fact Check #2

You Can easily Rank high on Google with perfectly translated and transcribed multi-lingual videos by capturing the foreign market.

Take a look – Top YouTube creators across Europe are creating videos in their native language.

And with SEO getting tough day by day, there is a lot of competition. You can reach your widest audience with videos that have fully synched captions and native-quality subtitles. This will help youdominate SEO and easily grab a spot by targeting foreign languages and reacha wider audience.

Fact Check #3

Further, studies show that 85% of online shoppers need access to information in their native language before making a purchase...

That’s the reasonglobal business giants like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and others are all translating their content into foreign languages.

Video translation will improve the brand experience for your users. Once they relate to your brand, they will be more likely to buy your products.

Fact Check #4

85% of Facebook Viewers prefer a Video with captions and No Sound.

Facebook has built a video ecosystem that does not require users to turn the volume up. Hence, by captioning your videos in 30+languages and 270 different voiceovers you can target this major viewership happening in silence.

Fact Check #5

Adding captions to a YouTube video provides SEO advantages.

Currently, there are 50 million creators and over 5 billion videos shared on Youtube. Every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded, and a whopping 1 billion videos now include captions.

Adding captions is a move towards accessibility, as well as a smart business move. Captions help attract a wider community, increase watch time and shares, and boosts your ranking.

Further, adding captions have proven to boost engagements rates. Check this -

  • Subtitled videos increase watch time by 12% and are watched an average 91% to completion.
  • Videos without subtitles are only watched 66% to completion.
  • Boost video shares by 15%. There are also 17% better reactions and 26% more call-to-action click-throughs.
  • Adding captions to youtube video could lead to a 7.32% increase in views. This translates into an increase in earnings of $890.93, from $12.171.29 to $13,062.22.

Its time to think and TAKE ACTION about how your video marketing will function in foreign markets.

Now it’s your turn to capitalise on the opportunities to stay competitive in the present scenario.

So, How To Get Started...

  • Translating videos requires experience and know-how in order to get it right.

    If you’re ready to incorporate video translations into your business’ marketing strategy, look no further than Revoicely!
  • With Revoicely You Will Be Able To Create PRO QUALITY Videos That EVERYONE ACROSS THE GLOBE CAN WATCH & SHARE in 30+languages with Popular 270 different UN Style Voiceover!!…See some examples below

    Example #1:-

    Example #2:-

    Original video in English

    Video in Spanish

    Video in Hindi Language

    Example #3:-

    Original video in English

    French translation

    Italian translation

    Portuguese translation


    I really appreciated using revoicely, easy to use, really straight forward it does it's job, it saves a lot of time, I just had to set the video, then setup the options and click render, it automatically creates the voices without having to write a single letter plus the output voice looks really natural

    Khalil Hebach

    I really like revoicely, cause I am a newbie and I used it smoothly like drinking a cup of water, with revoicely creating a voice over for my video was very easy and the most important thing is the voice-over is free and it comes with good quality voice that looks more human than an auto-generated voice I really recommend this product

    El Hadi Mohamed


    Breakthrough Video Translator that gives you global reach in a few clicks!

    A Video Translator based on AI which uses UN-style voice-over method to create high quality translated videos.

    UN-style voice-over method is used by top documentary channels such as:

    This product comes jampacked with these incredible features:

    • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
    • Transcribe videos in 30+ languages.
    • Translate transcriptions to 30+ languages.
    • Voice-over subtitles to 270 different voices.
    • Standard and WaveNet voices.
    • Control original audio and voice-over volume levels.
    • Fast render (No cloud rendering needed)

    Incredible! This product will explode your views, clicks and sales with every video you create. You will be instantly able to:

    • Dominate YouTube and Google SEO in foreign languages
    • Raking in views, leads and sales from hearing-impaired audiences.
    • Getting traffic from Facebook
    • Cash in from people watching your videos at work.
    • Automatically translate your video’s audio into 270 different voices and accents from across the globe.
    • Instantly translate and caption in 30+ different languages on complete autopilot

    Set this up today and you could be tapping into billions of people around the world who can’t hear your video, can’t unmute it, or simply can’t speak your language!

    Watch How easily you can Transcribe videos and translate them into 30+languages and 270 different voiceovers in UN-Style!

    So, How does Revoicely work?

    With Revoicely, it just takes few simple steps to quickly create Auto-captions and Translate videos into 270 unique Voice styleslike Pro!

    Our proven and efficient process gives a quick turnaround with best quality results.

    Step #1

    Select a video from your computer, download a video from Youtube or open a Revoicely project.

    Step #2

    Create a new Revoicely project.

    Step #3

    Generate subtitles.

    Step #4

    Translate subtitles of a specific language.

    Step #5

    Customize voice-over options for a specific language.

    Step #6

    Customize voice-over per each subtitles.

    Step #7

    Control video sounds when voice-over is playing.

    Step #8

    Render voice-over, audio, video and audio or video, audio and subtitles.

    And that’s it!

    In minutes you’ve created world class videos with perfectly synced captions, subtitles and unique voices to your video in multiple languages of the world...

    Click on the BUY button now and get instant access!

    Get Unlimited Accesss to Revoicely Now

    It is easier than before to instantly tap into BILLIONS of people who don’t speak English, are hearing impaired or prefer on-screen text to audio...

    So How is Revoicely different from other Apps?

    • Desktop App (support Window , Mac)
    • Fast render! No waiting queue like in Cloud based apps.
    • Support multiple speech voices in one Video.
    • It retains the Voice Effects and voice animation of the original Video with the ability to control the volume of the orginal video.
    • Based on Google Cloud A.I
    • Integrated with Google Wavenet voices (choose the voice you love)
    • Support almost all world languages
    • Can transcribe up to 20minutes in FE and unlimited in Pro Version.
    • MOST OF THEM ARE cloud based and can go down at anytime.
    • Render time takes longer due to server load and waiting queue. (Other users are rendering too)
    • Same voice over the video.
    • Mute original video’s sounds which makes it so quiet.
    • Limited voices and languages.
    • Robotic Voice

    Finally reach your widest audience in just a few Clicks!

    No More blowing cash on slow translators and video editing professionals.

    No More doing time-consumingwork of excruciatingly adding captions, subtitles, voice overs for every single video you publish online.

    No More paying for robotic and monotonous voices in low quality translations.

    No More competing for a minisculesegment of the global internet users who only speak English...

  • ... and rack up engagement with massive extra leads and sales from this gigantic untapped world of buyers who are in dire need for your products and services right now!
  • Revoicely helps your content go where it simply couldn’t go before, with a streamlined process for transcribing and translating videos at native quality in over 30+languages and 270 different voiceovers with higher accuracy and authenticity!
  • Most people are unsure where to start. We will show you how much money you are going to save.
  • Transcription costs vary widely. Costs depend on the language, the quality of the audio file, and whether your transcription provider can offer quality AI transcription solutions.

    Purely human transcription usually ranges from USD $5-10 per minute. You have to pay as low as USD $2.50 per minute provided your audio recording is clear.

    Further, How Much Does Translating a Transcription Cost?

    Since human translation rates can range from USD $0.10 to $0.30 per word (depending on the language pair), you are going to pay at approximately $22.50/minute for translation, that will make you pay closer to USD $200 or $300 for an average 20 minute video.

    Even after paying this huge sum:

    • You don’t get multiple speech voices in one Video.
    • You don’t get integrated Google Wavenet voices.
    • You don’t get access to Google Cloud A.I integration.
    • You don’t get the ability to control the volume of the original video.
    • You don’t get access to all world languages. Only limited no. of language choice is available.
    • And You have to wait for 24 hours or maybe more to get the work done.

    Sounds pricey? Don’t worry.

    This is why we are here with Revoicely. Just grab it and see how you reduce cost and save time and effort that you can use wisely for your other business operations.

    With Revoicely, You can

    Transcribe videos in 30+ languages

    Translate transcriptions to 30+ languages.

    Add Voice-over subtitles to 270+ different voices.

    Generate subtitles.

    Customize voice-over per each subtitles.

    Use Standard and WaveNet voices.

    Control original audio and voice-over volume levels.

    Fast render. No waiting queue like in Cloud based apps.

    And you can create as many videos as you want... all for just one tiny investment of...


    One Time Fee

    Free $300 credit + Free 60 minutes/month from Google Cloud

    Translation services are exploding. And as the global reach of virtually every industry increases, the need for translation services does too.

    From corporate expansion to e-commerce, to publishing, to shared research, every niche now needs expert-level services.

    Finding the best translation website is hard work if you do it on your own.

    You do some initial research, but, in the end, you check out what others have said – reviews on social media and even then end up paying for mediocre level of work quality.

    We believe this time and money is of critical importance, and that is why we are here. You do not have to do the hard work. We have done it all for you.

    Just imagine putting a slight effort for hardly few minutes in a day and seeing your videos reach new untapped global audiences bringing new leads & commissions in your account instantly!

    It Normally takes Thousands Of Dollars To Create software Like This...and months of waiting for designers, coders to create such a thing.

    We can easily charge $99 per month for this amazing groundbreaking software…but for a limited time, you can get it for a low, one-time investment.

    PLUS When you get Revoicely, You get these Bonuses...
    Bonus #1


    UltraVid is a fantastic WP plugin that builds you 1-click video sites like never before 1-Click Plugin Creates High Converting Video Sites That RANK, Get you TRAFFIC, BUILD your LIST, and make you SALES.

    Bonus #2


    Coursely is our flagship software that lets YOUR users create money-making stores with 1-click, where they can automatically SELL readymade products.


    One Time Fee

    Free $300 credit + Free 60 minutes/month from Google Cloud

    So there you have it – It’s easy and achievable!

    Don’t trust Google Translate or someone with a few semesters of a foreign language to handle your video translation needs.
    No more wasted time, money, and energy on systems that don't deliver.

    One of its kind – Breakthrough Video Translator based on AI which uses UN-style voice-over method to create high quality translated videos with which you can

    • Target international Audience and multiply your video exposure 10x!
    • Exclusive multilingual access to DeepMind Google WaveNet voices that provide the most natural-sounding speech.
    • Higher accuracy and real time with AI based translation and voice-over technology
    • Popular UN Style Voice-over technology assures wider reach and engagement.
    • A sure shot way to dominate the Google Search results with your excellent quality translated, captioned and subtitled videos!
    • Dominate competitive niches by reaching millions of foreign speaking and hearing- impaired audiences.
    • Engage your Audience! Boost your sales and Conversions
    • Complete and Easy to access Video Training.
    • Complete Newbie Friendly!
  • The Truth is Videos Without Captions,Subtitles or Translation will not bring you any money...
  • Whether you’re paying for ads or you’re using videos to get traffic… you’re losing out on the potential market without captions, subtitles or translation!

    Even the best video content in the world is useless if it’s falling on deaf ears… … and that’s why we created Revoicely.
  • The language barrier is an obvious hurdle for businesses looking to expand internationally. But with Revoicely available, even that’s not an excuse anymore.

    Simply log into Revoicely, upload a video or enter a YouTube URL and instantly translate, transcribe or add voice-over in minutes!

    Do it and reach global audience in a few clicks!

    Get Revoicely NOW!

    You won’t regret it.

    But This is a Limited Time Offer.

    Any time, this superb deal will simply disappear… permanently closed to the public, forever. In order to ensure the quality of our technology, we can’t just keep it running for forever.

    So, Don’t let it slip away and regret paying more later.


    One Time Fee

    Free $300 credit + Free 60 minutes/month from Google Cloud

    Once your order is complete, you’ll receive your login details immediatelysent to your chosen email address.

    To Your Unstoppable Success!

    We are always here to help you
    Get in touch with us....

    Radu Hahaianu

    JV Manager

    Ezzaky Ab

    Co-Owner/Launch Manager

    Ali El Majdaoui

    Co-Owner/Product Creator

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What exactly is Revoicely?

    Revoicely is a Video Translator based on AI which uses UN-style voice-over method to create high quality translated videos.


    How is it different from other video translation and captioningproducts?

    It requires no special skills to operate and is quite affordable. It uses Artificial Intelligence and UN style voice over method. Further, there is no waiting time involved unlike other apps. And also Google Wavenet Voices is integrated that gives you choice of converting your videos in any language you love and supports multiple speech voices in one Video. Its based on Goggle Cloud A.I unlike other apps which can go down anytime.


    How many videos can I create?

    As many as you like! There’s no limit on the number of videos you can caption, subtitle or translate. The only restriction is that translation videos can’t be longer than 20 minutes, for now.


    Is there any training included?

    Yes, we have created a video tutorial to guide you how to use the software just to make sure you make no errors and do it easily, hassle free.


    Is it still worth, if I have only few videos to be translated?

    Sure. Would you prefer to spend $100 or more getting a video translated, captioned or subtitled, when you can do all this for endless videos… and for just one small investment in Revoicely instead?

    Remember, with Revoicely, you don’t have to search for freelancers or deal with contracts.


    Is it really newbie-friendly?

    Yes. You don’t need any special skills or technical experience to translate and transcribe videos like Pro.


    Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes, you get 30 days to use Revoicely and make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll get you a refund of your tiny investment here today.


    Will this work on Mac and PC?

    Yes, it doesn’t matter what operating system of device you’re using. Revoicely is easy to use and works perfectly, every time.


    Do you provide support and updates?

    Yes!Revoicelyis super easy to use, but if there’s ever an issue, we’re right here. Send us an email and we’ll fix you up! We’ll also let you know if and when new updates are available, and offer them to you for free, as a valued customer!

    How to get Started?
    Grab it NOW before the price rises!


    One Time Fee

    Free $300 credit + Free 60 minutes/month from Google Cloud