More and more businesses are looking for Video Translation and Voiceover Services...

  • Marketers and content creators know that adding subtitles, captions and voiceover in their videos increases watch times, and improves call-to-action rates.

    What’s more, multi-lingual videos are more than just a trend or passing fad. They are actually getting MORE popular over time!

  • That’s why every business, marketer, brand are converting their videos into multi-lingual…to tap into international market and have global reach.

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With Commercial License

A Video Translator based on AI which uses UN-style voice-over method to create high quality translated videos.

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    Original video in English

    French translation

    Italian translation

    Portuguese translation

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    Revoicely Pro comes jampacked with these incredible features:


    Compatible with Windows and Mac.


    Transcribe videos in 30+ languages.


    Translate video of more than 20 minutes…any length


    Translate transcriptions to 30+ languages.


    Voice-over subtitles to 270 different voices in UN style


    Standard and WaveNet voices.


    Google Cloud A.I


    Control original audio and voice-over volume levels.


    Fast render (No cloud rendering needed)

    With Revoicely, You can INSTANTLY generate Automatic Captions, Sub-Titles & Audio Translations and Voiceovers using it’s ever adapting Artificial Intelligence!!

    Most people are unsure where to start. Take a look at what all options you have for making money as a translator these days….


    There is an increasing number of jobs for video translators and transcribers.


    YouTube is Offering Paid Translation of Videos:

    With the most recent announcement, content creators will be able to select from two translation agencies to get a professional translation of their content. Google says there are plans to increase the number of translation firms it cooperates with.


    More Marketers Will Invest in Localization Services

    Localization and translation services make up the fourth fastest growing industry at the moment. With more companies developing localized content for local markets, you can find many work opportunities. Companies are looking for multilinguals specialized in marketing and localization. They need experts who can translate various types of content and then tailor marketing campaigns for specific target audiences.
    The opportunities are endless….

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  • Translation services are exploding. And as the global reach of virtually every industry increases, the need for translation services does too.

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  • $67
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